2.6. In the living room — 2 класс Дидактический проект урока

In the living roomIn the living room


SUBJECT: English language.



FORM: 2.



THEME:  In the Living room

MATERIALS: “Magic English” pupil’s book 2 form I.Ignatiuc, Presentations.


-Good morning, Good morning, Good morning to You

(Good morning, Good morning we are glad to see You)

— And I am glad to see You. How are you?

(We are fine (good, OK), Thank you, and You?)

-I’m very well.

Up’n down, up’n down.

Which is the way to London town?

Where? Where?

 Up in the air?

Close your eyes –

 And you are there!

ABC song

-What is your father (mother)?

Is your mother a doctor (nurse)?

Where does your mother work?

Does your father work in a hospital?

What do you want to be?

Do you want to be a dentist?

Was your grandmother a teacher or a doctor? etc.

Were your grandparents doctors?

— Now, children, guess different professions.


Who works in a field?

Who works with computers?

Who helps sick people?

Who helps children to learn?






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