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4 Class/Springtime

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Springtime. 4 class

Unit 3/Lesson Six Limba Engleza, nivelul A1 (a.2019)

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Val Talks about the USA. 4 Class|A1.

Lesson plan MATERIALS: English. Pupil’s Book: Level A1 / Iulia Ignatiuc, computer, handout, pictures, map, flag and coat of arms of USA.

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A vacation in Sinaia. 4 Class. Unit 3/Lesson One

Listen and say what the children are sharing Lesson One 3. Listen and say what the children are sharing. My cousin and I like reading. We often share books. My grandparents have some apple trees in their garden. They usually share apples with everyone. John has a lot of toys. He likes to share them. …

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5.1. Andy’s Town. — 4 класс

Andy’s Town

  Andy’s Town. LESSON PLAN  SUBJECT: English language. FORM: 4. MODULE:  5. LESSON: 1. THEME:  Andy’s Town.

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4.6. Favourite Sports. — 4 класс

Favourite Sports.

Favourite Sports LESSON PLAN SUBJECT: English language. FORM: 4.                  MODULE:  4. LESSON: 6. THEME:  Favourite Sports.

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3.4. Making invitation

  LESSON PLAN   SUBJECT: English language. TEACHER:   DATE: FORM: 4 MODULE:  3 LESSON: 4 THEME:  Making Invitation.

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