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0.2. What is your name. Form 2

LESSON PLAN Greeting Song “Hello” — Hello! I am ….And you? (I am…) Opening of the topic

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Test 2 form

Итоговый тест Test Class 2 Name_______________________________ 1.  Arrange the words and read the sentences. 1. a, I, doll, have. 2. don’t, I, plane, a, have. 3. name, Sid, is, My. 4. eight, I, am. 5. Polly’s, is, house, new. 6. is, farmer, Mr Hanson, a. 2. Write the missing vowels. D__ll,  dr__ss,  s__fa,  pl__ne,  p__n, …

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2.6. In the living room — 2 класс

In the living room

In the living room LESSON PLAN SUBJECT: English language. TEACHER:  DATE: FORM: 2. MODULE: 2.

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2.2. My Family — 2 класс

My Family

My Family LESSON PLAN  DATE: FORM: 2 SUBJECT: English THEME: My Family. Letters Jj, Xx, Vv, Ww TEACHER: MAIN FUNCTION: talking about the family

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3.3. Are These Jeans- 2 класс

Are These Jeans

                                                                        Are These Jeans LESSON PLAN  SUBJECT: English language. TEACHER:  DATE: FORM: 2. MODULE: 4. LESSON: 2. THEME:  Are These …

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3.1. How many? — 2 класс

How many

  How many LESSON PLAN SUBJECT: English language.  FORM: 2. THEME:  How many?

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2.1.Tim’s New Toy

vocabulary LESSON PLAN   SUBJECT: English language. TEACHER:   DATE: FORM: 2. MODULE: 2. LESSON: 1. THEME:  Tim’s New Toy. SCI (SPECIFIC COMPETENCE INDICATORS): Listening Spoken interaction Reading Written interaction SCI   SC Listening 1.3. Understanding the meaning of words in simple sentences. Spoken Interaction 2.4. Reproducing simple answers and questions concerning the sts’ personal …

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