At the post office. Dialogue. Class 6

English:Level A 2.2: Form 6 / Iulia Ignatiuc 2020

Tina: I need to go to the post office and mail a parcel. Can you go with me?
Mike: Sure. I’ll buy my favourite magazine there. And my mother asked me to buy some envelopes and stamps.
Tina: Do you sometimes send or collect parcels at the post office? I have never done it.
Mike: If you want to send a parcel, you hand it to the clerk who weighs it and sticks the necessary stamps on it.

At the post office
Tina: Hello. I’d like to mail some letters and a parcel to Moldova, please.
Postal Clerk: What’s in the parcel?
Tina: Just a book. It’s a birthday present.
Postal Clerk: I need to weigh your parcel. It’s one kilogram.
The parcel will cost eight pounds and fifty cents.
Tina: Thank you. Here is the money.
Postal Clerk: Here is your change and a receipt. Keep it, please.
Mike: I would like to buy three envelopes and some stamps.
Postal clerk: Here are the envelopes and the stamps.
Anything else?
Mike: Can I buy some birthday cards?
Postal clerk: Certainly. Which ones do you like?
Mike: I think I’ll take those two.
Postal clerk: Here you are.
Mike: Thank you.

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