3.2. Vicky is Pretty — 4 класс

3.2. Vicky is Pretty — 4 класс


SUBJECT: English language.






THEME:  Vicky is pretty.


  1. Listening
  2. Spoken interaction
  3. Reading
  4. Written interaction
  5. Culture.


1.1.Distinguishing in speech words and simple short sentences containing sounds, patterns of intonation and other specific pheno­mena. The words and sentences are pronounced slowly and clearly.

2.1. Producing simple sentences to briefly describe people.

2.2. Applying the strategies of producing spoken messages

2.3. Identifying the situation of communication (interlocutors, intentions, place and time);

using familiar words and expressions to organize the discourse, respecting the models of discourse; self-correcting in oral interaction;

employing the formulas of politeness; using non-verbal means of communication (gestures and facial expressions).

3.1. Applying the strategies of receiving a written message.

5.1. Participating in a familiar communicative situation, using the
norms of verbal and non-verbal communication.

MATERIALS: “Magic English” pupil’s book third form I.Ignatiuc, presentation of words.

Hello everybody. -Who’s absent? Are you all here today? — What date is it today? — What day of week is it today? — Look at the photo. Do you recognize this place?  — It’s our school. — What season is it here? (Autumn) — What colour are leaves at the trees? (green, red, yellow, brown) — What season is it today? (Autumn) — What is the weather like today? Look through the window. (It’s windy, not sunny, cold, and cool.)

— Describe Pinocchio and his friends. (Pinocchio has a long nose.
Malvina Друг мой, ты запоминай!
Глаз мы называем (eye).
Уши у меня большие,
Ухо по-английски (ear).
Много боли, много бед,
И страдает моя (head).
Принес домой зеркальный кейс
Папа бреется «вжик-вжик»,
Стала гладкой, нежной (cheek).
Он все время рос и рос
И стал курносым, носик (nose).
Отрастайте побыстрее
Для моих косичек (hair).
Знает даже птица страус,
Что рот по-английски будет (mouth).
У того быстрее бег,
У кого длиннее (leg).
У офицеров важный чин,
Повёрнут гордо их подбородок (chin).
Руку протянул мне friend,
Кисть руки назвали (hand).
Футбол, все за мячом бегут,
Ступню мы называем (foot).
has blue hear.
— Today we’ll discuss about the appearance. All of people are different. We have own unique hair, eyes, ears…Let’s remember body parts:
..\video\Body Parts.mp4
..\video\Внешность человека на английском (1).mp4
Word Bank
hair[hɛə] волосы
straight [streɪt] прямой
curly [‘kə:lɪ] вьющийся
short [ʃɔ:t] короткий
long [lɔŋ] длинный
golden [‘ɡəuldən] золотистый
dark [dɑ:k] темный
face [feɪs] лицо
oval [‘əuvəl] овальный
round [raund] круглый
tall [tɔ:l] высокий
thin [θɪn] тонкий, худой
hazel [heɪzl]карий
eyes [aɪs] глазa
P. 32, ex.1
— What does he/she look like?
— He is tall. She is pretty.  
P. 32, ex.2
— Describe a man at the picture.

Prince William



kira naitli

— What do you remember at our lessen?
Home work to repeat words and write yourself appearance .

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